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The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins (A Review)

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In this Work, world renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, sweeps through the purifier epistemological childish beliefs, by definition irrational, professed by most adults. Most of which, according to Sam Harris also a rationalist, "capable of perpetrating the most cruel and violent acts of atrocity against their fellow men, allegedly to prove the superiority of their ethical beliefs, irrational, illogical and cruelly harmful.”

In this monumental Best Seller, hailed by top scholars and scientists of the contemporary world, Dawkins completely bare the weaknesses of religious beliefs, like all monstrous atrocities committed in its name over the centuries.

Deliberately, states, Dawkins has chosen not to emphasize the points already convicted of Christian practices worldwide - is worth mentioning that the focuses mainly Christian religions and those that preceded it in the same lineage (including Judaism and Islam) because they are the ones most familiar to him – in the Book you will not find in any single observation about the Crusades, the Holly Inquisition and other monumental monstrosities committed by Christians over the centuries.

Sticks mainly to counterproofs evidence or the existence of God (understood miserably as most Christians understand it: a kind of Alpha Male living in a place undetermined, a kind of "spiritual sky, which would have created the world and all that exists (including humans) no more or less than 5,000 years, remaining particularly alert to all around 6 billion human beings on planet Earth think and do for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Confesses himself, in all seriousness and honor of a dedicated scientist who cannot prove the nonexistence of God the same way that he cannot disprove the existence of fairies, gnomes, unicorns, etc. The presentation of arguments and compelling evidence of their existence, is up to those who believe in these things, not to those who did not find sufficient evidence to corroborate the claim of the majority.

The majority opinion is another open question that deserves consideration. It serves as proof of anything, of course, for millennia the majority was convinced that the earth was flat and fixed in the cosmos. I take this opportunity to mention the magnificent poem from the Brazilian Alvaro de Lucca: "The Voice of the People is the Voice of God / Which People? / Which God / He who shout to release Barabbas? / The one was delirious with Hitler? / He who applauded Stalin? / He who requested and approved the military dictatorship in Brazil?"- I must clarify that this insertion is mine: Dawkins takes care rigorous scientific supped did not venture into political or economic. This reviewer is convinced that these dimensions (religion, politics and economics) are closely related.

Let’s summarize some of the arguments used by Author:

_ The final Boeing 747; creationists summarize his faith in a statement something like: "the hypothesis that the life of complex beings have emerged “by chance” is as absurd as imagining that a hurricane passing through a junkyard to build a 747 perfect ".

The big problem of creationists, in  this case, has to do with the confusion between the fact that they do confuse “Evolution of Life” on Planet Earth and something like the "Chance". Dating the existence of the Cosmos in about 5000 years (as opposed to the scientific discoveries of astronomers with their telescopes to peer into the infinite universe that accurately dated to at least 15 Billion Years and the Planet Earth at 4.5 billion years) ignore the consequences derived from all the evidence and findings and precisely dated to prove how it formed and evolved gradually into a very slow process, but precisely recorded deep within the Earth where layers of different materials and fossil traces are found and only explicable through of a gradual evolutionary process (NOT CASUAL).

_ The Child Abuse by Religious People, no, Dawkins does not descend to the level of what certain religious have been doing with children over the centuries and became scandal in recent times. The problem is the indoctrination, this is child abuse. Nobody refers to a child as "social democrat," "neoliberal,", "existentialist" or anything alike. These are subjects too complex for the child's mind is able to form an opinion about it. However, there is no shame in instilling some infants with religious prejudices and inaccuracies becoming common to call a child of "Catholic", "Protestant," "Muslim," "Jewish", etc. NO! The child may be son or daughter of Catholic, or Protestant Parents, or such. But have not yet the intellectual sophistication needed to form an informed opinion about it. Children must be spared of this monstrous form of abuse to take away their freedom of thought enslaving them to the irrational prejudices of the parents (who received the same in their infancy, etc.).

_ If there is no God, why be good? - Human beings, we are naturally endowed with a sense of right and wrong, a deep morality that exists in spite - not "because" - of religion. Read religious books which teach them what to do with "sinners", "infidels" and "heretics" and you will see that no religious book written during the Neolithic does not bring any sort of moral beacon to a civilized behavior.

It is strongly recommended reading especially for its scientific rigor.


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